The Coleman Therapy Center believes in cutting-edge therapies to help all children, adolescents, and adults.


Individual Therapy

Most of our therapy programs consist of 60-minute individual therapy sessions, which follow an individualized treatment plan based on the strengths and needs of our client and typically contain a family/home plan to ensure skill generalization.

Group Therapy

Group therapy may be available in our reading programs and/or therapy treatment programs depending on family interest. We always ensure that all group members complement each other in order to have a functional, successful group outcome.

Please call to see if any groups are currently running. 


Reading Therapy

Reading therapies offered: 

  • Lindamood Bell LiPs

  • Seeing Stars

  • Visualizing/Verbalizing programs

  • Wilson/Orton-Gillingham programs

  • Read Naturally

  • Lively Letters

These programs may be recommended as multiple sessions per week. Depending on our client's specific needs, once-a-week sessions may be an option. 

Intensive reading therapy is offered during summer vacations (typically as one- to two-hour sessions for a minimum of two to three times per week) and may require additional sessions to complete a program.

Social Skills Groups

This group therapy is for individuals 4–17 years old. Social skills instruction is provided by a Special Education Teacher using the Michelle Garcia Winner curriculum to target adapting to others, how to engage and play with peers, perspective-taking, social language, and interaction. 

Each age level group will have a minimum of three people and no more than five. A weekly session is 90 minutes and we offer four-week and eight-week programs.

Please call our office to see what groups are being scheduled.



In this therapy program, the Speech-Language Pathologist uses horseback riding movement to facilitate the physiologic systems that support speech and language. When combined with other standard speech-language intervention strategies, the Speech-Language Pathologist is able to generate effective remediation of communication disorders and promote functional communication outcomes.

Specially trained Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate each potential client on an individual basis to determine the appropriateness of including hippotherapy as a treatment strategy. The Speech-Language Pathologist works closely with the horse professional to manipulate various aspects of the horse's movement, position, management style, equipment, and types of activities to generate effective remediation protocols and to promote functional outcomes.

This program is offered on Saturdays in the fall, spring, and summer at Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center in Aldie, VA.

The Listening Program

The Listening Program (Advanced Brain Technologies) is a music-based listening program that can help with executive function, communication, auditory processing, and more.