The Coleman Therapy Center is a small private practice providing tailored speech and language treatments at the lowest possible rates.


Fee Payment

  • All fees are due at the time of service.

  • If you need a monthly invoice, you will pay at the first session of the month for the anticipated number of therapy sessions for the month. If there is an illness, we will carry-over the payment to the next month.

  • The evaluation fee is per hour and is based on the total time spent on the evaluation process (testing, scoring, analyzing results, formulating recommendations, and writing the report). 

  • The fee for therapy is based on the session duration and includes the time spent in direct therapy and consultation with family.

  • The guardian/client has full and complete responsibility for prompt payment for all services rendered by The Coleman Therapy Center and is responsible for filing claims with insurance.

  • Services rendered by The Coleman Therapy Center are charged directly to client who is responsible for payment in full to The Coleman Therapy Center. Health insurance policies and reimbursement are between the client and their health insurance company.

  • If an outstanding balance due to The Coleman Therapy Center for treatment becomes five hundred dollars ($500.00) or more, The Coleman Therapy Center reserves the right to withhold therapy up to and until such balance is paid in full.

  • Payments may be made with cash, check or credit/health/flex spending card. A $5 processing fee per therapy session will be added to the fee for credit/health/flex spending card payments. There will be a $25.00 charge for any returned check. 

  • If no payment is received after 30 days, a 4% late fee will be charged. After 60 days of no payment, The Coleman Therapy Center will contact a credit agency.

Fee Scheduling

Comprehensive Evaluation

  • $175.00 per hour

Consultation at Our Clinic

  • $130.00 per 60-minute session

Therapy at Our Clinic

  • $120.00 per 60-minute session

  • $100.00 per 45-minute session

  • $70.00 per 30-minute session

Group Therapy

  • $90.00 per 60-minute session

School Consult, IEP Meeting, IEP/504 Consulting

  • $130.00 per hour

School Observation

  • $130.00 per observation

Therapy or Consult with Travel
(based on distance)

  • $135.00–155.00 per 60-minute session

Written Report
(other than evaluation report)

  • $120.00 per hour